Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Dang Dang dan dang..


go ahead and worship me.. Muahhaahha..

Sunday, April 02, 2006

New day on Monday

Going for 3 days recruitment training in Intel. Not sure what is installed ahead for me :)

Anyway, my new blog is not ready yet. Still playing around with lots of stuff. will announce once everything is done. not so soon i guess :)

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Sorry for the lack of update guys :)

I just bought a hosting account and will be in the process of transfering my blog overthere. Plan to start something I planned long time ago.. muahahaha..

Monday, March 27, 2006

Grooovy Baby, Yeah!

I got paid :)

Wasn't expecting this to happen, but I just got paid my profit sharing bonus. I am about to leave my current company and I have had the thought that they might not be giving me this bonus as it was meant to motivate employee and not contract based. Basically, they are not legally required to pay me bonus, but I guess either they are really kind or I must have been a good boy ^_^

AYAM EBIL!!!! Muahahahaha..

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Oooo My Pants 0_o"

Shit.. my jeans is torn.

My guess is when I went back Labuan, my mum soaked my one and only jeans with bleach before washing. Somehow it degraded the material and now the whole jeans is tearing apart. I have hole at both my knee, my butt and end of the leg part..

Thinking of tearing everything apart and make it into a...


Yea, it will be so HOT


Its Gay.. I know..

What is National and What's foreign? Screw Transparency!

If we have a bus, where most of the small parts are made in Malaysia, but the main engine is manufactured in Germany..

It is a National Product!

If we have a organization, where most of the staff are Malaysian, but the main CEO is not from Malaysia..

It is NOT a Proton Malay Malaysia Company anymore!

But, if we have a organization, regardless of what nationality most of their staff are, but the main CEO is a Malaysian (not exactly MALAYsian, but Chinese born in Malaysia)..

It is still not a Malaysia Company

Welcome to Malaysia, where logic are often twisted.

On a separate note...

With the recent fuel price hike, it is understood that Malaysia Prime Minister wants to stop 'rent seeking' attitude. It is understood that the National Automobile Policy announced today, which promise for a better 'Approve Permit' system until it will be abolish in 2010, will also stop rent seeking.

It is a good move, because it's different from:

Kamalludin Abdullah bidding a government project.

Sarawak wants 10% from saved fuel subsidy, to subsidise fuel

Melaka MP wants part of the cake, to build LRT for tourist

There is simply no short of opportunist-cum-beggar, and idiots in our parliament. But the biggest idiot of them all, are you. The one Malaysian who is reading this, getting screwed upside down, and still vote them in to continue screw u inside up.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Don’t interfere in Islam, non-Muslims warned

Normally, I wouldn't give a fuck how other people live their life, whether they are a nudist bare-all lover or their sexual preference is just unusual brokeback-mountain style. Why should I care how other people choose to live their life? It is their life after all and I see no reason to intervene as long as they keep it to themselves.

What I can't seem to tolerate is the fact that some holy-than-thou politician trying to make an issue out of it. Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz has warn non muslims not to interfere in Islam, else he and the government would not hesitate to use the Sedition Act against those who insulted Islam.

Since when "INTERFERE" is equivalent to "INSULT"? It this this same kind of mentality that brought extremist muslim to what they are today. The whole concept of "Do not question", "Just follow" and "Islam is the best" mentality is plain sick. Without challenges there will be no improvement. The only thing constant are changes, for you to survive and adapt to this global village.

There are reasons Islam are once the greatest empire, and there are more reasons that contribute to their downfall. What is saddening is the fact that no one wants to admit there is a need for change.

I would not go far, just concentrate in Malaysia alone where some people still thinks that muslim, especially Barisan National muslim are untouchable. See how corruption in Barisan National is treated as mere 'money politics' and criminal are merely 'expel' out from the politic group without serving any penalty in our legal system. The same group of person can get multiple government project without open bidding and when they screw up, there is the government to bail them out, with our taxpayer's money.

Just when our double sided Prime Minister say Malaysian should put a stop to the typical Malaysian 'rent seeking' mentality, he choose to continue with the automobile 'Approved Permit' (AP) scheme. Recently 3G license are given to non related party and the government try to force DiGi to work with them, in other words, pay them rent to enrich them in order to use 3G in Malaysia.

And when we try to question such judgement, some minister will jump out and try to stir the topic into a racist issue, in an attempt to end the challenge with the Internal Security Act (ISA).

Sadly, most Malaysian are still within the 3rd world mentality, where they cant see pass bigger agenda and constantly fall prey to the same trap. To them, nothing matter more than getting their priviledge scholarship, discount on house purchase and entitled 'status'. A simple handshake and gift during the vote pulling period is enough for them to forget what all the politician has done, or rather "has not done".

Mark my words, Malaysia is going to fall because it has all the symptoms of a dying nation.

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Monday, March 20, 2006


OSIM uZap oscillating belt gives you an invigorating massage unlike conventional devices that rely merely on vibration. You can feel an instant difference because of its patented Double Point Massage Technology (TPO) .. sourced OSIM

This gadget is the new toy in town that is promising a slimmer you, retailing at around RM690. OSIM uZap is a slimming belt which uses a patented twin motor to massage your body, improving blood circulation and thus able to 'Zap' fat.

It resembles the conventional slimming belt where one end is attach to a machine (big one stationed on the floor) and the belt goes around your tummy, shaking vigorously. Just that this one is alot smaller, stylish and mobile.

For those who have never seen or use this OSIM uZap before, this uZap is to be strapped on your problem area, and then you can choose a variable settings (up to 5) of vibration strength to 'shake' your fat. There is even an option to 'warm' your treated area, further enchancing the massaging effect. The whole gadget is powered by a corded 12V adapter, those that look like your conventional Nokia phone charger (No, it is not battery powered). uZap comes with a cool looking remote control, which you can conveniently 'stick' to the side of the belt when you are done making the settings.

According to their website, OSIM uZap has the following strong point:

uZap utilizes the patented Twin Power Osimotion (TPO) to give you an effective oscillating massage. TPO is a unique symmetrical Double-Point Massage Technology which is more in line with the naturally symmetrical human body. Its two rotating massagers provide a well-balanced treatment, zapping away unwanted fats at your tummy, buttocks, thighs and other areas more effectively.


Heating function delights you with the warm comfort of heat therapy. Heat circulating around the essential points of contact helps improve blood circulation, chase away lactic acid and relieve muscles fatigue.

The 4 ventilation outlets fitted within the belt allow a quick regulation of heat, maintaining optimum performance while you zap.


A rhythmic massage programme which integrates different massage speeds and intensity.

I have personally tested the product in one of the Penang roadshow, located at Gurney Plaza. Personally I felt that the vibration is strong, but not as strong as the other brand, OTO slimming belt (blog separately). Nevertheless, its motion is special where it vibrate, rotate and squeeze your problem area, giving you varied vibration/pressure. It makes you feel that this gadget is 'different' than the others. On top of that, it has a heating option which makes your tummy warm, and gives you the impression that you have workout for quite a while even though you were just 5 minits into the program.

After using the gadget for a full 10 mins, I can feel that my muscle at the tummy area is pretty stiff, exactly like the normal aftermath of my situp session. There is a slight tingling sensation where the salesperson says it is normal, explaining that this shows the device is working and burning fat.

According to the salesperson, a 10 minits 'Zapping' session on the tummy is equivalent to 100 situps. Personally I think it is alot of bullshit, as I know my tummy can never stand the onslaught of 100 situps. I know my capability very well, I normally do 20 situps per session, 2 sessions a day and it is already killing me. Nevertheless, I do believe that this uZap has a benefit of toning your body after feeling the sensation at the tummy.

On a side note, I am kinda attracted to the Malaysian uZap spokewoman, body-perfect Marion as well as her Singapore counterpart. I think Fiona Xie looks better.

both pictures taken from KennySia.com

However, I am surprise to find out that OSIM Malaysian and Singapore has chose to market their uZap as a slimming product while their Australia and western counterpart marketed it as a massage belt, with no mention what so ever about its slimming attribute. Could this is pure marketing strategy? Or poor miscommunication? Nevertheless, it does raise eyebrow about its credibility.

Blogwhore my Sis

Ok, lets do something different today ^_^"

My sis :) the one in the middle. On a separate note, the chick on her right is sizzling hot!