Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hennessy & Louis XIII, Liquor that cost 3k!

Found this two baby in this year's Chinese New Year hamper, actually there is much more but this is the only 2 worth mentioning :P There was another Johnnie Walker Blue Label that cost RM500 in Labuan (Tax Free).

Hennessy V.S.O.P

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It comes in a nice packaging at the size of a normal 4 pax mooncake box. The design is abit cheap though. Hahaha..

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Open it up, and what greets you is 2 oval shaped cup plus a standard 1L bottle. I didnt bother to taste it. I have plans to resell it :) No idea how much it cost though.

Legendary Louis XII

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Ok, here comes the highlight of the show. Louis XIII, pronounce as 'Louis Thirteen'. Its the highest priced liquor I ever see, at RM3.3k in tax free Labuan. Heard that its foring for around RM5k in other place.

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Open up the box, the bottle is like a standard XO design and placed on a silk. It has only 750ml, so roughly each 200ml will cost you RM1k. Each sip will cost you a hundred bucks!!!

On top of the bottle, there is a 'indentification card' and a crystal cap. A chat with the liquor shop shows that the cap is made of crystal and easily set you back for a few hundred bucks (Duno he got bullshit me or not la).

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Here is the cap and the IC.

I have no idea how liquor of this price tag taste like. But I do know that it will be a sin to drink it bottoms up and puke it out later. Hahahaha.. I guess its just not for the untrained tongue, probably gonna sell it off later too.


Anonymous killuminati said...

i've seen the remy martin louis xiii cognac before, but it was selling for RM 6,000+ (!)

definately can't afford that...

even at 3k+ (tax free price) it's close to a month's salary!

i would love to taste it though, how much are you willing to sell it for?

probably would get a couple of people to pitch in and try it, never had cognac priced at this premium rate before.

nice post, mate.

2:47 PM  
Blogger Sir.Hoe said...

Woot! Sixthseal.com commented on my blog (balls grow bigger). LOL

Its still at my kampung in Labuan, if I know got buyer I would have bought it here :)

3:01 PM  
Anonymous killuminati said...

hmm...i must get myself to labuan then. seems that even premium liquor would be much cheaper there. unfortunately, it's hard to bring a lot back...

9:19 AM  
Blogger GoldDust said...

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11:56 AM  
Blogger GoldDust said...

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12:02 PM  
Blogger GoldDust said...

Would like to know the Louis XIII cognac (30 years old) 750ml. Does anyone know how much it's worth?
Please advice

6:08 PM  

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